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Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan's Web Gateway

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I am a person with distinct intrests and tastes. My all time favourite in Military Aviation.I also am intrested in AI, Robotics, RADARS and as scuh. Have worked with the DRDO for some time after completing my Masters.Presently involved in the development of a Pattern Recoginition system for a Mobile Robot. And other intrests include Classic Music , Post Elizabethian Literature(english), Russian literature and folk music. Archeology is also my pasion.

My Favorites

Favorite book: My Experiments with Truth, Les Miserabels, War and Peace, Art of War, Illiad, Rise and Fall of great Empires
Favorite sports team: oops!!!
Favorite food: South Indian, Chineese

My Hobbies

I used to play football while in school. No time for sports anymore.(or so i presume) Occasonally write poems, One walking disaster in painting. Usually chat with friends and blog in free time. And write occasional papers to some journals and do write some articles for some websites.

Most Admired

N.S.C BoseMK Gandhi, Arayabhatta, Kautalia(Chanakaya), Plato,Homer, Alexander, Caesar Julies , Marshal Zukhov ,

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Free Software Foundation


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